Your patients can receive all of their medications, retail or compound, from One Stop Rx. Our pharmacists are available to assist the physician in meeting the patient’s individual prescription needs.

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Compounded Pain Cream

Different active ingredients and concentrations may be chosen to meet a patient’s specific needs.

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Phone-In Prescriptions

Simply call 918-528-3700 (or 844-528-3700 toll free) and ask to speak to a pharmacist or leave a message detailing the Rx on the physicians’ line. Be sure to include the patient’s name and DOB along with the name of the medication, strength, quantity, directions for use, and the number of refills. Please leave an office call back number for the pharmacist in case there are any questions/concerns regarding the Rx.

Faxed Prescriptions

One Stop Rx can customize an easy to use template that can be printed/downloaded or you can write out the prescription and fax it to the pharmacy. Please include patient demographics and insurance information for all Rx’s faxed to 918-528-3701.

Customer Service

Once we have received an Rx, a member of our pharmacy staff will contact each patient and review the medication being ordered, confirm personal information, and explain the copay. The patient will be given the opportunity to speak with a pharmacist to answer any questions that he/she may have. Most prescriptions are prepared and dispensed within 24-72 hours after receiving the prescription from the physician pending patient approval and insurance authorization. The medication will be shipped via UPS or we will call the patient to let them know their medication is ready to be picked up, depending on the patient’s preference.

Prescribing Tips

All CDS prescriptions MUST include the prescriber’s physical signature and date (NO stamps or electronic signatures).

Schedules II – V prescriptions MUST be issued on a separate prescription blank and NO other prescriptions (controlled or non-controlled) can be written on the same form.

Always include a legibly printed name and phone number for both the prescriber and the patient.
Provide the pharmacy with the name of the prescriber’s agent. Just in case we need clarification or have a question regarding a patient or a prescription, we can call without interrupting the physician’s busy schedule.

Never hesitate to call us. We can assist you before the patient leaves your office.