Pet Health

They are part of our family!

In approximately 2 of 3 American homes, Dogs and Cats ARE family members. We take care of their needs just like anyone else in the family. Our pets need our help whether they are sick or just in need of preventive treatments. Perhaps the most challenging part of caring for your dog or cat is managing their health, both from a preventive approach as well as budgeting the cost when accidents or illness occur. Life is hectic and if getting your pets medication can be made easier for you by getting it through the same pharmacy as you get your own, then why not!


One Stop Rx in Tulsa, OK is a retail and compounding pharmacy licensed in 47 states. Our experienced staff works hard to provide caring and individualized service to ALL your family members, even the four-legged variety. We understand that your pet’s health is a serious matter, much like the health of any member of your family! One Stop wants to help ease the stress of taking care of your pet’s preventive needs by making the ordering process easy and convenient.

However, if your pet is needing a customized compound or a prescription medication, we are only a phone call away. Have your Veterinarian call us with your pet’s information and our staff will begin the process of providing your pet with the medication they need. We can even flavor the medication to help the battle of getting your pet to take the medication easier.


Joint health is always a top concern our pharmacists hear regarding Dogs and Cats. For the majority of pet owners, PREVENTION of joint disease is the easiest to manage, but typically most overlooked – Providing your pet a monthly compounded supplement of Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate is one of the most effective ways to use PREVENTION to slow or avoid age related disease problems such as arthritis and other joint related issues.