Protect My Compounds

Keep Personalized medicines accessible and affordable.


Your Coverage of Compounded medication may be at risk.

Insurance companies often change which prescriptions are covered and which are not, sometimes without letting patients know ahead of time. This is not only expensive and inconvenient-it can make the medicine you depend on virtually inaccessible and have real consequences for your quality of life. But you have the power to get informed and take action to make sure the medication you depend on- including your compounds- remains accessible to you.

How does this affect you? Dr. Chris Cutter explains below.



Even if you don’t rely on personalized medicine now, you may in the future, so it’s important to protect access to and affordability of compounded medication. Protect My Compounds® was created to keep people informed of the threats to personalized medicine and provide tools to make your voices heard.

Here’s what you can do:

Visit Protect My Compounds and get informed about recent changes to certain insurance and benefit plans.

Take Action: Learn how to talk to your HR or benefits manager to keep your coverage and get other tools designed to protect your access to compounds.

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